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Be aware for the safety of other guests, you must be known to Me in order to attend. No "outing" anyone!

Limited to the first 18 people who pay. Contact me for bank account details
These events are in high demand, so don’t delay.

Direct all enquiries to Me.

Leia's Lair Play Party Rules

1. Don't be a dick.

2. Be respectful, polite, discreet, considerate & quiet when watching scenes.

3. Do not touch anyone else's toys or equipment without their permission.

4. Do not touch anyone without their permission.

5. Do not interrupt a scene verbally or physically.

6. Wait till after a scene is finished before approaching the participants but its best to approach the D initially as the sub could be in subspace and/or receiving aftercare.

7. Watch from a safe distance. Dom/mes with whips, floggers and implements do not have eyes in the back of their heads. Respect someone's scene and don't walk through it. Walk around it as far away as possible.

8. If you want to try, play, experience or touch, ask politely, you may get a yes but accept that your request may be declined.

9. Try and be tidy and clean up after yourself, hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. Please wipe down all equipment and toys used with the cleaning materials provided.

10. Don't be selfish, be mindful of others wishing to use equipment or a play space.

11. Take or make any phone calls or texts outside. Please keep your phone on silent/vibrate.

12. Photography is not permitted without prior arrangement and consent from all parties involved. If permission is given, ensure no one is inadvertently in the background.

13. What happens at the party stays at the party, unless consented to by those involved.

14. If you have any concerns or questions see the organiser or Dungeon Master or Mistress (DM)

15. PLEASE ADVISE ME IF YOU HAVE ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS, SO WE CAN TAKE THE APPROPRIATE ACTION IF REQUIRED. This information will be kept confidential. First aid kit is on-site for normal, potential injuries.

16. If playing with rope, please ensure you have safety scissors or rope shears within arms reach and visible in case of an emergency. Someone else may need to use them to assist if required and no-one should have to go looking for them in a hurry. These are available in the dungeon, but its better to have your own at hand.

17. If you break any equipment or find anything broken, please report it to DM immediately so someone else doesn't have an accident or hurt themselves.

18. If you see any unsafe act, please notify DM immediately.

19. First Aid kit and fire extinguisher is available and located in the main area. Again please notify DM of any accidents immediately.

20. Please look after the equipment, lair and its location. It is a privilege to have it available so let's not abuse it.

21. Like on an aircraft, please follow the instructions of Myself and the DM. Their decisions are final on all matters relating to the party and must be obeyed and respected by all attendees immediately without dissent.

22. The top is responsible for their bottom at all times including during the scene and aftercare. Please ensure their safety and consent at all times.

23. Please use condoms etc provided if engaging in any sexual act if not your regular partner. This will keep yourself and others safe.

24. Have fun, play safe, stay safe. Safe, sane, consensual always.

25. Obey all directions from the DM.

Original Kindly copied from Waikato Kinks with permission and modified. this will be updated from time to time.

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