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About Goddess Leia


Dominant from an early age – I wore my Wonder Woman outfit every day to pre-school and would have a tantrum if it was in the wash.

Now in my 40's, having had successful corporate and athletic careers, I'm happy to be running my own business as a Professional Mistress, which is kinky and fulfilling.

I love My work and find each slave is unique, giving Me the opportunity to experience lots of different kinks.

Loved & feared by subs & slaves, I am strict but fair - well fair-ish and always give My slaves the chance to try to prove their devotion to Me.

I am highly intelligent, creative, fit, strong and healthy. I work out everyday and eat well - I treat my body like a temple and I expect you to worship it as such.


Trust and respect go both ways in my Dungeon and play is ALWAYS Safe, Sane and Consensual.

I have spent many years learning and continue to learn, how to push people safely to their limits - and beyond.

My sessions can be an intense experience and therefore I do not tolerate the use of alcohol and drugs during our time together. This rule is for your safety and enjoyment. You MUST advise Me of any health conditions or injuries, failure to do so will result in termination of all contact and a loss of any payment made.

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