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I’ve never tried BDSM but am quite curious, is that ok?

It’s great to be curious and there’s only one way to determine of you’re going to like BDSM and that’s to give it a go. I work with beginners through to experienced submissives and I take pleasure in extending those who want to get out of their comfort zone. Sometimes that can be as simple as a blindfold or being restrained. As you gain confidence and enjoyment, we can evolve to achieve new levels of either pain or pleasure.

What is BDSM?

Here's a link to a blog I wrote on this:

I'm a bit scared, will I be safe?

Everything I do is safe, sane and consensual. Activities are agreed on prior to starting, your limits will be discussed, and you’ll be given safe-words so you can end an activity at any time if you’re not into it. I will respect all limits and never look down on anyone for using a safe-word. BDSM is a pleasurable journey which evolves at a pace that both the sub and Dom are comfortable with.

I’m not really into pain, is BDSM really for me?

There are many different aspects to BDSM, one of which is a very sensual approach. This may involve the use of touch, nails running along the body, ice, blindfolds, pegs, candle wax and implements which provide pleasure rather than pain. This is a very erotic style of BDSM and very enjoyable for most people. There is also an aspect of BDSM which revolves around humiliation and degradation, which may include sissification and golden showers


I don’t want any marks left, is that a problem?

No problem at all. Sometimes your significant other isn’t aware of your kink and you don’t want to be left marked or bruised. Just let me know and I’ll ensure that I use only floggers or paddles which can give you the sensation you seek, without leaving tell-tale signs.


Can I cum?

Yes. The sessions will be a huge turn-on, no matter what you’re into and a happy ending is always an option. This will be as a hand-job or masturbation. There’s no sex or oral sex of any kind. Some people request a tease and denial session, in which case they wont be allowed to cum, but that it pre-negotiated and is part of their own goal.


Why do I not get naked?

Two reasons – have you ever noticed that a woman in a bikini is hotter than a naked woman? It’s the mystery, the tease, wanting what you can’t have. Secondly, it’s a power dynamic thing – Clothed Female, Naked Male or CFNM – with me dressed and you naked, you are automatically put in a vulnerable position. This is part of submitting to me as your Mistress. You will see and feel enough of me to be turned on, without ever quite seeing everything and having a level playing field. You will catch glimpses here and there as I bend over and gyrate in front of you, but you never see the whole package. That’s me having power over you.


Do you modify your behaviour according to the client?

Yes. Probably my best skill is that of adapting my persona to fulfil the fantasy of the client. Some people like me to be very mean and degrading, while others prefer a gentler approach – some even like cuddles. It’s all about communicating your fantasy so I know how to respond.

What’s the difference between a “sub” and a “bottom”?

In many cases, a client takes the “submissive” role and wishes to be told what to do by the Dom, ordered about even. They wear a collar during the session which means that I own them and can do whatever I decide (within the pre-scene negotiation of course). A “bottom” is someone who wishes to have certain things done to them by a “top” in more of a “receiver” role, without the implication of ownership, worship or submission. I can work in either the “Dom” or “Top” role depending on the fantasy of the client.


Do you have others who can join in?

I have a male and female slave who are available to be brought in to sessions (at an additional cost). This allows me to fulfil fantasies of “forced-bi” and “pussy worship/face sitting”.


What do I need to bring, how do I prepare?

Just your money and an open-mind, unless you have a specific fetish outfit you’d like to wear. I do have plenty of sissy outfits if that’s something you’re into. Ideally, you’ll be showered, but you can shower at my dungeon if not, however this will cut into the time you have booked. If you want anal play, please make sure you have made a good effort at cleaning out your rectum either with a douche or a shower hose.


Any other questions you’re dying to ask me? Email them to me at



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